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Red Eyes
Back to normal and back in Tartarus again. That was...interesting but I like to be my old blue self goddess again.

Pele honey, you have your alcohol back, I added a few more things. Kasumi, I'm so sorry I thought that you would like the jewelry, really. But don't worry, piercing can be removed.

[Private|| Unhackable]

Urgh..for Zeus, being human is so pathetic...I am the Goddess of Chaos!I need to do what came naturally to me, causing pain to mortals and immortals alike with my power. Other deities do not claim responsibility for their actions, they say they simply do what they were created for. So do I , and we can't be helped, but while that may be true, what is the point of existing if you do not enjoy what you do!?

I been putting aside my duties. I have work to do.

I am Chaos after all. Who would you expect any less?

[She can't hold alchohol very well as human]
Oshiiit where in Tartatuss is my Mai Tai?

Pele I think that you run out ofhhh rum shooomehow. No idea hhhhow it happened I tried to materialishh more it it didn't worked.


[Vide post-Locked to Ys]
[The camera shows Eris' realm, the Tartarus, a place of chaos and where the logic and sanity is better left at the door. She's sitting on a stone throne that saw better times]

Tell me sweetheart, are you enjoying this as much as I am?

[Voice post]
Harvey, dearheart, now that we have some time together why don't we make something useful? Like that time when we kissed?

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Africa really do wonders to your health.

Uhm...that looks familiar to me but I can put my finger on..Pele, you know who can be?

MAcro not cut ICLy of course XDCollapse )

[OOC: Relationships Post]
If you're not Ares or Pele, Eris hates you and enjoys torture you by default.

But comment here and I will give you a better explanation of why.
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Who, me?
Eris has been annoying and torturing a lot of people recently: Corinthian, Rose, Ggio, Tyki, Dark, Kaito, Jack Frost… the list goes on and on and on..So I think that it’s payback time. Since she’s a goddess and really hard to destroy, I thought that maybe you can go for something he –slightly- cares about: Her beasts.

On her movie canon her beast are constellations, mythical creatures and other nice pets, they can’t be destroyed when they’re on their constellations form, but they can be defeated and killed when they’re on earth –aka their animal from-. Rember that they're gigantic, on the link attached eris is watching EARTH.

The idea: Any of you (or all you together, vengeance is such a funny thing) can try to trick her into sending her beasts to attack you, and then you all can kill them in vengeance. She will be really pissed but she will wait a bit before to retaliate.

:3 Who wants to join? And if you have any other idea it will be appreciated.

NOTE2: If she’s nice at you, you better start running, if she’ mad at you, start writing your last will.
NOTE3: Eris is NOT going to murder, dismember, castrate or rape (Tyki stop giving her ideas) your character -even if she talks about it- unless it’s accorded and mod approved in case of a sensitive subject.

[Locked to Zechs]
Let's play
Zechs Marquise, a word with you, if you will.

that's what you get when you give her ideas :/
Red Eyes

I like my not hypothetical better, Kaito.

[OOC: 100 Questions Meme IC ly]
A goddess's word

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