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[OOC: info and concrit post]
Let's play
Character: Eris, goddess of discord
Fandom: DreamWorks'movie Sinbad:Legend of the Seven Seas

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It's the first time I play a goddess, and I really don't like godmod and 4 wall breaking, so please, if you want her to talk with your character on the open about his/her past, secret identity, kinks, ect; tell me if it's fine.

And here's a good example of Eris pet's, realm and powers, just to understand how she is (+ the music rocks):Click me :DCollapse )
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[future plots~]
A goddess's word
If you want Eris to mess with your characters or participate in some kind of plot drop, me a line here. Just remember that there's some things that she can't do, even if she's a goddess.

-She can shape-shift into persons, like she did on the movie, but it's never said that she can do the same with animals, so she will not do that. When she's shapeshifting her eyes are still yellow and red, so you can still recognize her at some point.

-She doesn't kill people directly, she likes to use her beasts or trick people to get them killed. Hades will probably kick her ass if she kills someone without asking him first.

-Even if she can't do it, she will make you think that she can. As a statement, she's always putting and act, lying, or hiding important information.

-You can defeat her, not exactly killign her, but when they beast are on earth and no longer constellations they can be killed. They return to her side on the realm and aren't really death, but you get the idea. If you manage to get her 'goddess word' to do something and then you trick her, she will not harm you because she made the promise.

Let's play :3
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(no subject)
For the love of Zeus....Google is NOT a God.

Ebay.....well that's a different story.

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[Video post || Private || unhackable]
[Eris is watching what seems to be a miniature of the Earth seen from the space, but the difference is that it's the real Earth itself. Behind her, the monster constellations look around with curiosity and certain worry. They feel something wrong, but their mistress sees no problem with the situation and they stay put. Eris laughs.]

Foolish kids... always playing the heroes. Always forgetting that happy endings aren't real... [She looks over her shoulder and smiles, the camera panning out to reveal a wounded, but recovering, Izanami.]

Don't you agree, darling?

[Locked to Death]
Tsh joy
Death, sweetie pie, a word with you please.

[Locked to Mireille]
A word with you dear, if you please.

[Video post]
Who’s the blue guy? He’s...interesting. I don't think that he's a god, but Dad is worse than a dog in heat so maybe he another of my siblings.

The singing is not necessary though.

[RL with (Male) Maggie]
Heh side
[Eris worldhopped herself to Australia, right in front of Maggie's apartment, not really caring if the neighbors saw her. At least she had the decency to change her skin and, for once, she rang the bell instead of just showing up.]


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