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Character: Eris, goddess of discord
Fandom: DreamWorks'movie Sinbad:Legend of the Seven Seas


On the movie, Eris is the Goddess of Chaos, she decide to have a little fun with humans down on Earth at the expense of Sinbad a successful thieving sailor. As Sinbad and his crew are in the middle of their latest act of piracy (stealing the powerful "Book of Peace" from a ship under the command of Sinbad's former kid-pal, Proteus, as it is being delivered to a new home), Eris drops a rather nasty sea creature into the fray.

When Sinbad is thrown overboard doing battle with the creature, Eris saves him and makes him a deal: bring her the "Book of Peace" and she will reward him with riches. Sinbad agrees and is released, and she has plenty of tricks up her sleeve and soon she frames Sinbad with stealing the book. Condemned to death, Sinbad is given a second chance when his friend Proteus 'swaps' his life for Sinbad's so that Sinbad can retrieve the book and return it to its owners.

As Sinbad sets off on his adventure he encounters quite a few obstacles courtesy of Eris, like the seductive Sirens and a gigantic, very aggressive bird. When they finally end on Eris’s realm, a chaotic place named Tartarus, she reveals that her plan was not not only to steal the Book but to engineer Proteus' execution. She offers Sinbad a deal and trick him into lose the book. Sinbad returns to Syracuse, and decide to take Proteus place, since he can now be seen not to have lied, the goddess is bound to return the Book and Syracuse is restored.

On the movie is also said that she was the real initiator of  the Trajan war

Personality & abilities:
Eris is elegant yet moody, manipulative and a wants to turn the world in a complete chaos. She can be exaggerated in her emotions and prone to outburst but always with a veneer of control. Eris thinks that the human heart is black and corrupted and likes to play tricks to demonstrate it.

Smoky and wispy, Eris changes shape and size like a liquid, flowing from scene to scene like an octopus swims through water. Where her character's drawn-body ends it turns into a rendered smoky, purple trail that is realistic and flows like a vapor trail.

As a goddess, she can manipulate her surroundings, control mythical creatures (like sea monster or constellations), shapeshift (like she did with Simbad) and materialize whatever she wants. Her realm, the Tartarus is a place in constant change, a sea of sand with no sense.

What's Okay To Mention: Whatever you feel like.
Hair: Black
Eyes. Red and yelow.
Skin: usually blue

About the player:
Player LJ:lylith_st  
Way to contact me:
AIM: But I never use it ^^'


I’m always scared that I’m doing something wrong with my characters, and not just because of my lame english, so please help me to be better at my roleplaying :3

Questions, comments, critiques, complaints, requests... anything, leave me a comment here. I take all the comments really serious, so, please, you can complain but don’t be cruel, that’s supposed to be a funny game.
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